Graham Odds

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Graham: Have you heard of ‘conversational UIs’ or ‘conversational commerce’?
You: Sort of, but I’m not entirely sure what it’s all about…
Graham: It’s the idea of using natural language – you know, chat, messaging, voice and the like – as the way of interacting with brands or services through things like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Siri.
Graham: As a designer it’s kind of exciting and terrifying in equal measures 🙂
You: Sounds a bit space-age!
Graham: No no, it’s actually already here in some forms, and will be properly real fairly soon.
Graham: Come along to my session and I’ll try to explain it all as well as demonstrate some work on this I’ve done around banking.

About Graham

Graham is a designer working on complex systems across desktop, web and mobile. As Head of User Experience at Scott Logic, he works primarily with financial services and energy trading institutions, creating everything from direct-to-consumer investment applications to research, trading and analysis tools. He delights in pushing at the boundaries of the possible to discover beautiful, effective solutions to problems.

You can find him on and @g_odds.


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